our mission at the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club (YPRC) River Riders program is to provide access to the hudson river and DEVELOP the next GENERATION of environmental stewards. 


What We DO

  • River Riders provides skills training in kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle-boards and more! 
  • River Riders practice "Leave no Trace."
  • YPRC partners with the City of Yonkers to provide FREE Community Paddling programs at the JFK Marina and Park, creating increased utilization and appreciation of this wonderful riverfront resource. 
  • River Riders provide an athletic, recreational and educational experience for children, young adults, and adults.
  • River Riders gives young people and adults from disadvantaged neighborhoods the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities
  • River Riders provide Environmental Education under the guise of recreational paddling.
  • YPRC provides Hudson River access for human powered boaters.

A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club serves as an anchor institution alongside the Yonkers riverfront, nurturing paddling and environmental awareness.