RiverRiders is a program of walk-up kayaking, paddle-boarding and environmental awareness. 

This community paddle program (boats, boards, equipment and trained leaders) is FREE-OF-CHARGE to participants 6 years of age and older

No one may participate in this program without the Adult or Minor Insurance Waiver being signed (See the bottom of your screen).  Exoneración inteligente en español.

Boats and equipment are available on a first come first served basis. We do not take reservations. (see below for start times).

Participants are expected to help carry boats and equipment from the storage facilities to the ramp and help wash and store all boats and equipment on their return.


From June through September, we offer a variety of programs. See what we offer here. PLEASE check the weekly calendar for the most up to date information. Walk-up Community Paddling may always be cancelled or modified due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


Community paddling may be cancelled or modified due to weather conditions, water conditions, or for safety reasons. The RiverRider Direct has COMPLETE Authority over the event and SAFETY of all participants is paramount.


Participants can be from 6 to 80 yrs old. However, participants must realize that they need to be physically able to help carry their boat and equipment to the ramp and back.

Participants must be physically able to sit in a Sit-on-top kayak boat or stand up on a paddle board.

Persons with physical disabilities must contact the RiverRiders Director BEFORE you arrive for a paddle. (info@hudsonriverriders.org)

If you have any health concerns please contact the RiverRiders Director BEFORE you arrive for a paddle. (info@hudsonriverriders.org)

Participants Safety is our number one concern, which is why: 

Volunteer YPRC Members have taken courses in kayaking and leadership.

On-Water volunteers carry VHF radios in case of emergencies. 

On-Water volunteers have complete authority over all boats on water and may exclude any individual as they see fit.

You must fill out our standard an Insurance Waiver online. Exoneración inteligente en español.

Groups should fill out online adult and minor waivers before they arrive and provide a list of all signed waivers at check-in. Exoneración inteligente en español.

Life jackets must be worn at all times.

Competent swimming skills are encouraged but not required but you should at a minimum be comfortable in the water. The boats used are all wide sit-on-top kayaks designed for beginners but there is always a chance of falling into the water.


Dress appropriately for the day. YPRC suggests that all participants wear water shoes (not sneakers). It is necessary that you protect your feet because there are sharp rocks and sometimes broken glass in the river, and kayakers need to wade into the water as they launch their boats.  Wear clothes that can get wet and you will feel comfortable in. If possible, bring a towel and a set of dry clothes to change into after the paddle.

The water in June is still cold and it is suggested that long pants and a long sleeve top are worn. Clothes that are breathable and NOT COTTON are recommended.

YPRC will not be responsible for the loss of any items. Please leave your valuables at home. 

A hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses that protect against UV rays are recommended in the hot summer sun. The rays that reflect off the water can be dangerous to the retina. Dark glasses that do not offer UV protection are more harmful than no glasses because they cause the pupil to open wide allowing even more UV to hit the retina.

There are no shower facilities available and restrooms consist of Porta-Sans near the ramp and flush toilets at the south end of JFK Marina

Drinking water is available.


(cell phones, wallets, keys etc). There are NO lockers available to store valuables at JFK Marina.

Contact the Director of Hudson River Riders Here:

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